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v1ce card Review



Utilizing the power of NFC technology V1CE offers you a seamless way to carry a technology-infused business card that tracks and stores information for keeping track of your business contacts on the move.

What is NFC Technology?

v1ce business cards

Paper business cards have been unchanged for hundreds of years. But recently the power of Near Field Communication, and compatible devices, has led to the latest innovation within the field – NFC Business Cards. V1CE Cards are one of the few frontrunning brands in this space and have developed a range of Business Cards, for you or your business, that says ‘No’ to paper cards and provide a creative and functional alternative for the 21st-century business. Today we’ll be looking into what a V1CE Card(s) could offer you.

technical details

Tracking Powerful Analytics Dashboard
Material Metal, Bamboo or Plastic
Perks 100% Money Back Guarantee
System Android & IOS Devices
Price £39.00 +

Design & Customisation

One of the biggest aspects of purchasing a business card is its design. With traditional paper cards, you get full power over everything from material to typeface, and design. So it’s only fair to assume people will want these same customization options when transitioning from a paper card to an NFC one. Luckily, The V1CE Card has you covered with this. 

Out of all the NFC Business Cards we’ve revived V1CE are one of the best in terms of card customization. Your first point of call is deciding which material you’d like the card made from. Plastic is the default and most affordable, but if you want a more slyish and unique card bamboo (wood) and even metal cards are available (at varying price points). 

V1CE has developed its own platform that allows you to customize your card directly on its website and in real-time. This gives you the best view of what your card will look like all within a simple-to-use drag-and-drop system. Whether you want a custom image or logo, or to change the text, typeface, or fonts, everything can be done with the V1CE Card. 

analytics & tracking

The biggest perk of an NFC Business Card is its analytics and tracking capabilities. With this, you can be 100% confident that your networking is working with a platform for tracking everything from who has viewed your details, to click rate, and more including innovative lead generation tools that allow for easy tracking of leads, and a system for booking appointments. 

Some of the biggest issues I have with these systems are slow or sluggishness with the platform itself. After all, if I’m trying to exchange details with a potential client I need everything to be worth seamlessly, smoothly, and efficiently. After testing the analytics system for around 1 month, I’m confident in saying I had no issues and everything worked perfectly. 

final verdict

Overall, I was very impressed with my time using the V1CE Business Card. Its affordability and one of the payment systems, that gives you access to everything, is exactly what I need for long-term use of a system. Its customization options are amazing allowing for the full breadth of design options I need to create a truly beautiful card for my business. 

Along with this, the analytics platform you get access to with your purchase is very good with a clean and easy-to-use interface and the ability to easily read export, and manipulate the data. For more information on the V1CE Card check out their official website using the links provided.