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The Best NFC Business Cards



It’s no secret that our wallets are shrinking in size. As cash becomes a thing of the past, as a society, we’re slowly moving away from the need to carry banknotes and bills and contactless forms of payments, like Android or Apple Pay, are becoming the dominant force in the way we spend, track and save our money. 

With this said, other aspects of our lives are also becoming digitized. This is becoming increasingly common in the way we communicate and network with people across the globe. From social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, we’re living in an ever-increasing world of technological advancements. 

The Technology of NFC Business Cards

As with this, we come onto one of the latest trends in technology – NFC Business Cards. Up until a few years ago, it was still fairly common for people to carry a huge stack of paper business cards with them wherever they go. Considering this was already a time of smartphones, it feels weird to look back at how slow the business card industry was to try and innovate beyond paper cards which have been used for over a century at this point.  

NFC Business Cards eliminate the inconvenience of traditional business cards. You only have to carry one additional card with you that can easily be stored inside your wallet. It’s affordable, effective, and will streamline your everyday carry and ability to network with new people. 

Video courtesy of V1CE

What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?

You may have heard the term NFC thrown around quite frequently but not know exactly what it is. NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. Without going too complex it’s essentially a series of communication protocols that enable communication between two electronic devices. The distance NFC works between two devices is quite small, only around 3 – 5 cm, but’s main advantage comes from its accuracy and ability to connect devices with ease. 

The best way to view NFC is to compare it to the likes of Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth can connect over longer distances, it requires more setup (turning it on, searching for devices, connecting, etc..) while NFC doesn’t require any setup nor does it have any negative effects such as draining your battery. 

Advantages of NFC Business Cards

Below are just a few reasons I think you should consider switching over from the traditional paper business cards to the more modern and advanced NFC Business Cards. These are just a few agreed-upon reasons that we think they’re the best choice for you or your business. 

  • Less to carry with you: The main advantage of an NFC Business Card is it means you don’t have to carry a stack of paper business cards with you and enables you to only carry the very essentials with you. Over time it’s also more cost-effective as you eliminate the need to constantly reorder new cards once you run out. 
  • Better tracking and metrics: All The companies mentioned in this article today have fantastic tracking and analytical platforms. This enables you to keep track of all the people who have used your business card.
  • Easier to use and more secure: All you have to do with an NFC Business Card, to transfer your information over to somebody else, is tap your card on either the front or back of somebody else NFC enabled smartphone. It’s far easier to use, and people can’t lose your information unlike with a physical card. 
  • Show Off with and Impress: One of the most surprising aspects of these smart business cards is the fact they are highly impressive to use and often are a great talking point when exchanging your details with a third party. I’ve heard stories, where potential clients are so impressed with NFC Cards that it helps secure the deal/business and is a great way to showcase your commitment, and often makes people want to get one themselves. 

What are the Best NFC Business Cards?

In the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of trying out some of the best NFC Business Cards on the market today. This industry is slowly growing in popularity, and new companies are appearing every day. This article looks into some of the best companies at the moment with our top picks being based on aspects such as Cost, card personalization, tracking/metrics, and more. 

1. V1CE NFC Business Cards

In my opinion, V1CE is the very best of the best when it comes to NFC Business Cards at the moment. This is because everything from the price, setup, tracking, and customization of your business cards is top-notch and provides everything you need to get started with NFC Business Cards.

The first thing to note is the huge range of customization options you can choose from for your business cards. One of the best things about paper business cards is the fact you can design them in any which way you want. Adding your own branding, logos, and information is one of the main reasons why business cards are so popular and versatile for your own business needs. 

Luckily V1CE has you covered in this regard. Your first choice is what material you want your business card made from. You have the choice of 3 premium materials. A traditional plastic card (the same as what a standard credit/debit card is made from), Metal (if you want a more premium and durable card), and even wood (which is available in 3 different types). From here you can customize the business card to your liking with images, logos, and an expansive array of different icons, fonts, and more thanks to V1CE’s on-page editor.  

  • Pricing: V1CE offers an affordable pricing structure for all your needs. The cheapest NFC Card you can get starts at $48.00 (Plastic and Bamboo) while the Metal cards start at an increased price of $118.00. V1CE works on a one-time payment system so once you’ve bought your card you’ve got it for life. Discount packages are available for businesses.
  • Verdict: My top pick for the most versatile and customisable on this list. The pricing structure is great and the ability to in-build an analytics platform is amazing for all your needs. Overall we rate the V1CE Card 9/10.

2. popl NFC business cards

POPL actually has some of the largest companies in the world using their NFC Business Cards, and platform, including the likes of Uber, SalesForce, and even Tesla. This definitely gives them a certain level of legitimacy and credibility that other companies on this list may not have. Like Linq, POPL seems to be taking the company in the direction of businesses with an analytics platform that is very expansive, and detailed and provides everything a large-scale business would need to grow. 

POPL also has a fantastic array of customization options available o you including the choice between different materials for your cards (including plastic, metal, and even a 24K Gold POPL Card). This comes with full customization options for your own branding and information to be placed on your card(s). 

One noteworthy point is that POPL actually works with a Free Mobile App available on the Play and Apple stores. This is different from other companies on this list that boast about being ‘App Free’. It’s up to you whether or not the idea of having to use an App is more or less convenient for you. But the App does allow for easier customization of your details when on the move. 

  • Pricing: POPL Cards start at a price tag of $14.99 and range as high as $199.99 if you want to go for their 24K Gold Card. Standard Metal cards start at a price of $44.99 which is one of the most affordable metal cards on this list.
  • Verdict: POPL is probably the most esteemed and respected company on this list as they’ve acquired quite the array of companies including Tesla using their system. They offer great products, good customization options, and an easy-to-use analytics system thanks to their mobile app.

3. taptok NFC business cards

TapTok is just good. It’s really easy to assume you need all sorts of bells and whistles to be effective by lurking in the shadowing is a company that provides some of the best customization options for your cards, a great analytics platform, and decent prices. TapTok was actually the first NFC Business Card I tried out and used extensively for over 3 months. It was actually the card that set the baseline for how I reviewed all the cards on this list, and to this day, remains one of my favorites. 

Its main selling point is after you purchase your business card is its platform is entirely free whether your a business or not. They also have great discounts on purchases of multiple cards with big savings to be had if you need cards for multiple employees in your business. 

Their analytics platform is also worth mentioning. In my opinion, it’s one of the most attractive in terms of design and allows for easy editing and customization when on the move. TapTok also gives you the option of creating a ‘virtual business card’ if you want to test the platform you can create an account and see what it’s all about. 

  • Pricing: TapTok offers the most affordable card on its list. Their essentials Gen3 Card comes in at a low price tag of $9.99 (currently on offer for $4.99). If you want to upgrade your card to a customized card this jumps give steeply to $59.99, and their metal cards start at a price tag of $79.00.
  • Verdict: TapTok just works, their analytics platform is one of the best, customization options are great, and pricing is great especially if you want a card for a cheap price.


Did you know that Smart Business Cards are only one side of the array of different NFC products available on the market? Business Cards aren’t your only option when it comes to NFC and it pays to look into these different options to see what is right for you. This is where Linq excels. Along with some fantastic Smart Business Cards, you’ll also be able to choose from different iterations including the Linq Bracelet, Linq Tap (that sticks to the back of your smartphone, Hub, and even an Apple Watch Band that’s NFC enabled. 

  • Linq Card (from $11.99)
  • Linq Bracelet ($19.99)
  • Linq Tap ($14.99)
  • Linq Band for Apple Watch ($49.99)

But onto what Linq’s business cards can offer you. Linq is definitely one of the most affordable and convenient business cards on the market today. In fact, you can get them for as low as $11.99 for the standard card although this doesn’t include any customization options – great for people on a budget or what to buy bulk on mass. 

Linq is also much tailored towards businesses and has an entire platform dedicated to businesses with its Linq for Teams platform. This is by far the most comprehensive networking solution on this list and provides integration with over 380 CRMs, real-time analytics, and standardized branding/profiles for all your team members (learn more here).

Pricing: Linq has quite an expansive pricing structure for your needs whether or not you are an individual or a large business. As previously mentioned NFC Cards start as low as $11.99 and range as high as $36.99 although they don’t offer the range of customization options as many other brands on this list. Linq’s ‘Pro’ platform will also cost you $5.00 a month.
Verdict: If you decide that a Business Card is not for you then Linq has a range of other highly affordable products for you. Linq is best for businesses as their comprehensive ‘teams’ platform is great for if you have a large employee base.