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Wuben X3 Flashlight Review


Illuminate Your Adventures: Discover the Revolutionary Wuben X3 Flashlight with Rotating Power and Charging Case

Experience a new level of illumination with the Wuben X3 Flashlight. This remarkable device boasts an array of innovative features that will revolutionize your lighting experience. With its powerful brightness and versatile design, the Wuben X3 is set to become your go-to companion for all your adventures.

Video by WUBEN Light Worldwide

The Wuben brand

Founded in 1981, our factory has been authorized by numerous well-known brands, establishing us as a leading flashlight manufacturer. Our founder’s passion for outdoor activities led him on hiking expeditions to places like Tibet, France, Dubai, America, and beyond. During these adventures in 2015, he noticed that his friends were carrying heavy and bulky flashlights.

This inspired him to create an even better portable light-carrying experience for both casual users and adventurers. As a flashlight enthusiast and professor, he embarked on a mission to invent innovative solutions that would enhance the flashlight experience.

technical details

Battery Rechargeable
Material Plastic Body
Lumens (Max) 700
Weight 70 grams
Price $81.99 +

Wuben X3 flashlight review

The Wuben X3 flashlight, also known as the Owl, is a brand-new and unique addition to the world of EDC gear. As someone who is well-versed in the world of flashlights, I was immediately drawn to its standout feature and unique look. This includes both its unusual design and the innovative battery bank charging case. This case not only serves as a protective cover but also houses a 3000 milliamp-hour battery, allowing you to conveniently charge the flashlight on the go. The battery is said to last over 100 days, although the exact runtime is not specified. I’ll be running a series of tests on the flashlight to see what the exact time you can get on the X3 in the future. 

The flashlight itself comes in two variants: one with a red light and a normal white light. The white light option offers an impressive 700 lumens, while the red light provides 70 lumens, perfect for navigating in the dark without disturbing others. The build quality of the flashlight feels solid, featuring a metal switch button and a small display that shows the battery life and lumen output. The body is made of glowing dark plastic, adding a unique touch. Additionally, the flashlight can rotate a full 180 degrees, offering versatile positioning options and even functioning as a lantern when placed in the case with the diffusion panel.

In terms of design and utility, the Wuben X3 flashlight excels and I was happy with its performance. It combines powerful brightness with a compact and lightweight form factor, weighing in at just 70 grams. The inclusion of the charging case adds a level of convenience for extended use and I loved storing it in my car where I could both store and charge it on the go without ever needing to take it to my house. It also includes a Magnetic base, that secures to metal surfaces for hands-free use. I didn’t find this feature partially useful although it’s nice to have and showcases Wuben’s innovation and commitment to try new things. 

So what do I think of the X3? I’m a little torn. I absolutely love its design and there’s no doubt this thing is built with quality and attention to detail. For me, I’m just a little confused as to its exact utility and placement in the market. After all, it seems to fit in between multiple different categories of flashlights. It’s not small enough for a pocket utility or for a keychain. It’s also not powerful enough to compete with the larger flashlights. It’s kind of in a limbo in-between state and that confuses me and where I’d actually use it. 

Overall, for me, the Wuben X3 flashlight stands out for its innovative battery bank charging case and versatile rotating feature. I’d happily store this in my car for use in emergencies and Its design is perfect for attaching to a belt or harness for, say, hiking purposes. With its solid build quality and convenient design, it offers a compelling option for flashlight enthusiasts or anyone seeking a reliable and portable lighting solution – although niche in utility. If you’re looking for a unique and functional flashlight, the Wuben X3 is definitely worth considering. The Kickstarter campaign for the Wuben X3 has recently concluded, and shipping is expected to commence in October. Pre-orders are available on their website for a price tag starting at $81.99. Use the link below to check them out.