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Wingback Mechanical Pen Review


A Timeless Writing Companion Built to Last

Crafted from Solid Aerospace-Grade Stainless Steel and Featuring a Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Ink Cartridge, the Wingback Mechanical Pen Delivers an Exceptional Writing Experience, Personalization Options, and Unbeatable Durability.

About Wingback

Wingback first rose to fame through their range of personalized, handmade, and durable leather wallets. Founded in 1014 by designer Alasdair, his motivation behind the brand was to create products that not only fulfill their function but also are enjoyable to use designing products with form, function, and longevity. Wingback’s Journey was made a reality through a successful Kickstarter campaign where they first funded their Cash Wallet which raised a staggering £50,000 in crowdfunding success. Since then, they went on to create a wide variety of Everyday Carry items with Wingback’s unique philosophy in mind including Notebooks, Pencils, and backpacks.

technical details

Size: 10mm x 117.5mm
Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
Cartridge: Black Fisher Space Pen® PR4
Weight: 50 grams
Price: £115.00 +

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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of trying and testing a wide variety of different products from the London-based brand Wingback. Since their conception in 2014, I’ve closely followed their story as their innovation and creativity in the field of EDC items never fail to impress. Today, I’ll be taking a look at their Mechnical Pen and beautifully machine-turned pen designed with durability and Wingback’s ‘buy it for life’ philosophy.

The first thing about this pen is it’s simply beautiful. If you’re a fan of minimalist goods, such as myself, then the sheer elegance and simplicity of the Wingback Pen is something to admire. Made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, turned from a single sold bar, its this unique construction provides a pen that can last the test of time. It’s far more ergonomic than I initially thought and this adds to its smooth and crips writing style and ability. The textured grip feels great in the hand and prevents slippage. The center of balance is good, but not perfect. The pen is also fully pocket safe and its unique single-handed twist lock is easy to use and a great fidget device for those who love to fiddle (it’s very addicting I must confess). For an extra £10 you also get the option to add a personalized inscription, engraved directly onto the body of the pen, which is fantastic and adds an extra dimension to the whole buying experience.

Overall, I can’t praise the Wingback Pen enough for its elegance in design and fantastic writing experience. If I had one negative to say about the pen it’s a little heavy at times (coming in at 50 grams) and can cause discomfort in the hand with prolonged use. But this is honestly a personal preference as many enjoy the feeling of, as Wingback put it, ‘reassuringly weighty’ and this would be seen as a benefit to many. Overall at a price tag starting at £115 (and ranging as high as £160 for the Black Steel version) I really can’t see myself using another pen and know with certain this pen will easily last a lifetime. For more information on the Wingback Mechnical Pen check out their official website using the link here.