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Prometheus beta qrv2 Review


the world’s first quick-release flashlight

One of the most famous Flightlights in the world. The Beta QRV2, by Prometheus, has an elegant design, build to last, and has Prometheus’s own quick-release technology making it a fantastic contender for your next portable EDC Flashlights.

Prometheus lights

With a mission to bring experiences that bring people joy by focusing on simplicity, usability, and quality, Prometheus Lights develop a huge array of everyday carry gear. Founded by Jason Huy who prior to creating Prometheus worked 10 years in product development and design. In 2011, he strived for me, and with a wealth of experience setting up his company, in his words ‘‘to create products that reflect how I see the world, my values, and the way I want to fit into the big picture’’.

technical details

Battery 1 x AAA (Triple-A).
Emitter Type Nichia 219A.
Lumens (Max) 90
Runtime Up to 50 Hours (Max).
Price $79.00 +

functionality & utility

The light source is the state-of-the-art Nichia 219 High Color Rendering Index (High-CRI) LED. It is designed specifically to work harmoniously with the human visual system, providing maximal color accuracy compared to sunlight. 3 modes for light intensity can be activated by twisting the body of the Beta QR light (low, 1-lumen medium 15-lumens or high 80-lumens). The high mode is 100% visible during the day and at night both the low and medium settings are good enough for navigating a dark room. This provides 50 hours max on low and 5 hours on medium brightness – great for such a small light.

design & materials

The design of the Prometheus light is what attracted me to it in the first place. When it comes to its quality of materials and care and attention to detail when it was machined it’s really hard to beat. It has a nice shine and polish and perfect threading, which honestly, is hard to find in a good flashlight these days. It’s Very smooth and nice to use with a nice and not overly large weight to it coming in at just 34 grams. It’s also available in a great array of different materials/colors including brass, copper, nickel, or HAIII Black.

Carry experience

The everyday carry experience of The Prometheus Beta QR Flashlight is excellent and provides an incredibly compact experience especially when stored on a keychain. It measures 14 × 75 mm which is basically the same as a triple-A battery but about a third more on top of that (in height). As previously mentioned Prometheus also provides you with a variety of ways to carry this whether you want it on a keychain (utilizing the key release features), or in your pocket utilizing the beautiful and easy-to-use pocket clip.