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Orijin Thinking Egg Review


Slow down, keep calm and enjoy the moment.

Made to enhance your meditation and mindfulness practices, the Orijin Thinking Egg was designed as a way to combat anxiety, stress, and distraction in a highly attractive compact thinking stone shaped like an egg.

orijin design company

Founded by one man, Oscar, the story behind the Orijin brand is both inspiring and build upon his real-life struggles. With a focus on products with a minimalist design, they are carefully designed to help remind yourself to slow down, and take a breather with a mindful approach to a simpler life and living in the moment.

technical details

Weight 2.8g – 28.5g (based on material choice).
Size 17 mm wide x 23.8 mm tall.
Material Metal, Stone, Wood.
Purpose A grounding tool, and reminder.
Price $17.00.

What’s the purpose of a thinking egg?

Think of a thinking egg as something to aid you, a reminder, in living a more simple life, and providing an easy, attractive, and beautiful way to do so. If you’re familiar with Buddhism and the practices of meditation and mindfulness, then you’ll be aware of how difficult it can be to stay grounded and truly live in the moment. The weight of the thinking egg, and its texture is a perfect way to focus and provides a meditative object for freeing the mind of thought and focusing more on what’s important to you. 

design & materials

What I love about the thinking egg is the wide variety of materials it’s available in, all delicately chosen to reflect their various properties. Ranging from a metal egg (composed of copper and zinc, Brass), in a gold color, along with wood (Bamboo) and a range of stones (Tiger Eye, Lava, Jade, etc..) the Orijin thinking egg is expertly designed with materials for everyone’s specific preferences.

Carry experience

The thinking egg is a great compact size, easy to conceal, and has a good range of weight to them. The only issue I had was its shape. With being egg-shaped it can be a little uncomfortable and noticeable in a front or back pocket but this does depend on the type of pants you’re wearing (I wouldn’t recommend skinny jeans).