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Noctigon K1 Flashlight Review


A powerful and durable thrower flashlight

Great size and amazing built quality. The Noctigon Flashlight is a versatile single LED thrower with fantastic distance and functionality.

Noctigon Emisar

technical details

Battery P42A 21700 4200mAh
Material Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
Lumens (Max) 2500
Size 173mm x 72mm x 26.5mm
Price $99.95 +

The Noctigon K1 is a distinctive thrower flashlight with a tonne of charm with pretty credible specifications considering its affordability. When I first laid eyes on this flashlight I knew I needed it immediately. Its all aircraft-grade aluminum screams quality with a matte brushed finish adds. Yet this attractive design and finish aren’t just for looks. The durability of the Noctigon K1 is incredible and it’s probably one of the best examples of quality design and craftsmanship I’ve come across in a long time. 

Specifications wise I was very impressed with what the Noctigon can offer you. As a thrower, the flashlight has a fantastic range of up to 1KM  with very little light spill that seems to go on for miles. Brightness can’t be overstated with the K1’s maximum 2500lm and low moon output. I was blown away by its performance of it. 

Anti-reflective coated glass lens, Electronic soft touch switch, and Smooth aluminum reflector are just a few of the other features that showcase this capable flashlight. Size is something that’s going to be quite divisive with the Noctigon K1. It comes in at 173mm x 72mm x 26.5mm which is medium-sized. This can be quite large when it comes to portability (especially compared to some of the powerhouses of flashlights) yet Noctigon does a good job of trying to help with this including a belt holster and lanyard attachment point at the button of the light. 

Construction and features wise the K1 are decent in all regards. It uses a Rechargeable battery using USB-C (which is not included when purchased through their official website) with a large light indicator that shows when it’s finished (Red when charging or green when fully charged). The Charging port is hidden within the light and accessed by unscrewing the middle section of the flashlight. I’m a personal fan of this as keeping the port covered as it helps protect it against the elements and provides some nice water resistance.