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Brenda Pulse Watch Review


The Pulse Tandem: A Statement Timepiece Worth A Glance

With its stainless steel case and minimalist aesthetic, the Brenda Pulse Watch offers a captivating look combining sleek design with intentionally low timekeeping capabilities. But for the price, is the Brenda really worth the steep price tag?

Brenda Pulse: Product Overview

The Brenda Brand

Founded in 2009, BREDA is a lifestyle brand that breathes new life into classic timepieces by infusing them with contemporary elements. With a passion for self-expression and inclusivity, BREDA creates collections that celebrate individuality and evolving personal style. Each meticulously designed watch is meant to be treasured, collecting stories and rediscovered season after season.

Fueling a collaborative community, BREDA fosters a platform for passionate creators to share their stories and inspire others. Committed to embracing progress and cherishing life’s meaningful moments, BREDA sparks cultivated conversations while building a versatile and spirited community.

technical details

Case Size 26mm
Material Stainless Steel
Movement Miyota Quartz Movement
Water Resistance 3ATM Splash-Resistant
Price $230.00 +

Brenda Pulse Watch Review

I don’t often get sucked into Instagram ads, but every so often the algorithm gets it right and I end up down a rabbit hole of expensive goods. The Breda Pulse Watch was exactly this, first seen on Instagram, and it immediately took my fancy due to its highly unique style. The watch itself is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it asthetic and I really don’t blame people for hating it. I just happen to be one of those people who love it. The design harpers back to an early 1970/80s style, combining an almost minimalist design with a retro-inspired look and feel. The Breda Pulse Tandem reminds me of those early digital watches especially the Omega Time Computer which has a stripped-back display and was also sold in both gold and silver. I also compare it to the many digital watches from the likes of Casio and Timex that usually go for less conventional designs and casings. The Casio Calculator watch is a good example that also uses the same rectangular case shape, stainless steel band, and colors. I decided to go with the silver version of this watch (also available in gold) and shipping was fast with the packaging arriving just a few days later. 

Outside of the asthetic the watch itself is fascinating to look at. I went with the Breda Pulse (Tandem) version which includes a second larger dial that showcases the minutes in a half-moon shape. It achieves this with a simple glass window that reveals the bottom half of the watch movement, so essentially these digitals are still useless and you gain no additional information from having this area shown. This is in contrast to the Original Breada Pulse which doesn’t include this window and just shows the hour and minutes for a true minimalist asthetic. Another glaring yet somewhat comical issue is it’s pretty difficult to even tell the time with the watch. The dial may seem small even on the photos but in reality, they’re even smaller than they appear. Checking the time at a glance is near impossible and you’ll most likely have to stop what you’re doing and pull the watch close to your face to even have a chance of knowing the time. I’ll illiterate, the only real reason to consider this watch is down to its unique design and asthetic. I really haven’t seen any new watches hit the market that takes such a bold approach to design and it’s refreshing to see a watch that goes beyond but also takes inspiration from the past. 

Quality-wise, the watch leaves a lot to be desired especially when it comes to the high price tag. The Stainless Steel Case is nice, but scratches far too easily, which detracts from the minimalist asthetic (90% of the Breda Watch is just metal). Just one scratch was immediately noticeable to me and took away from the clean asthetic the watch going for. Along with this, the Japanese-made Quartz Movement is nothing special and is the type of movement used in many low-end watches/brands that are much cheaper than the Breda Pulse. Again, if you’re considering this watch then you probably don’t care for the movement. You probably wouldn’t be the type of person to go for a Quartz Watch in the first place. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the look, feel, and design of both the Breda Pulse and Tandem watches. Do I think it’s a little overpriced? A little. That being said, I can’t fault the design of this watch and for people who absolutely adore this style, I can’t recommend it enough. This is a so-called ‘statement’ timepiece and should be considered as such. As the Breada Tagline states ‘focus on the moments that mold us, make our hearts race, and propel us forward’. This watch is something I enjoy wearing on my wrist and it brings me joy every time I get a glace of it out of the corner of my eye. And for that unique luxury, I’d pay any amount of money. For more information on the Breda Pulse (Tandem) watch, and to view their full range, check out their official website using the link below.