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The Best Ridge Wallet Knockoffs



The Ridge Wallet is one of the most popular wallets on the market today. Stated on Kickstarter in 2014 the wallet quickly became a hit raising over $100,000 and quickly changing the landscape for future wallet brands to come. Before the Ridge, metal wallets were a sort of rarity (although they did exist). But Ridge paved the way for a change in the way we view what a traditional ‘wallet’ actually is. If you’re still interested in the Ridge Wallet we have a full review of the Ridge Wallet that you can read here.

There’s no doubt the ridge wallet isn’t for everyone. One of the main issues is its price tag starting at $100.00 and ranging up to $160.00 the wallet is very much out of the price range for many people as it’s difficult to justify paying top dollar for something as a wallet. Because of this, many knockoff Ridge Wallets, or cheaper versions of the Wallet are available on the market. This will allow you to get the same experience but at a better price tag – a win; win in my opinion.

Types of Ridge Wallet Knockoffs

This article will look at some of the best ridge wallet knockoffs on the market today that are similar to the Ridge Wallet in design and functionality. We will focus specifically on price making sure these wallets are within a reasonable budget while also making sure each wallet mentioned is also of good enough quality to meet similar standards to the Ridge with an uncanny resemblance to it. We’ve split up each wallet in this list into 3 distinct categories that provide a range of Ridge-like wallets for you to choose from. 


These are wallets like the Ridge but made from poorer materials with lesser quality. Because of this, the price is cheaper and you can grab some real bargains. Usually, the functionality of these wallets is almost identical to the Ridge so if you’re happy with a less quality assured wallet then check out these cheap Ridge wallets below. 


These sections are going to be quite fast as they are simply a cheaper version of the Ridge Wallet. The Lookiss Wallet is our cheapest option on this list coming in at just $15.99. So how does a wallet almost 80% cheaper than the Ridge compare? Well, first of all, The Lookiss’s build quality is simply okay at best. I found the wallet much lighter than others on this list (which can be a good thing) but this is simply down to its cheaper metal. I found using it its surface got scuffed up faster despite them saying it’s made from premium aviation aluminum and 304 stainless steel.

It has a credit card capacity of up to 12 cards and can store an ample number of banknotes with its metal money clip on the back (folded). As I said, the functionality of the wallet is very close to the Ridge and it even comes with RFID Functionality to prevent your cards from being subject to contactless fraud. 

Remember, at such a cheap price it’s no surprise that the Lookiss had to cut corners with its quality in certain domains. That being said, the wallet still functions near identically to the Ridge so if the downsides we’ve mentioned don’t concern you it’s a great wallet. Also being sold exclusively on Amazon you get access to their next-day delivery (with Amazon Prime) and their amazing returns policy. Click the link below to visit their Amazon page below and see what you think.

the kingsman royale wallet

Again, the Kingsman is very much like the Ridge, and the Lookiss. You might be wondering why you wouldn’t just go with the Lookiss considering its slightly more affordable price tag. Generally speaking, I couldn’t find much difference between the two. But after using both wallets on a daily basis for about 3 weeks I quickly found the Kingsman to be of slightly better quality. Although the metal bodies are similar, the Kingsman’s elastic is slightly more durable and stretches further. This gives me hope that although the wallet is cheap it can still last a long time before needing to be replaced. 

Like most wallets on this list, the Kingsman can store around 12 cards and is sized only just larger than a credit card itself (coming in at 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.3 inches). The Kingsman also comes with RFID as a standard. This means the device protects your cards from contactless fraud an up & coming crime that allows people to automatically swipe and steal your money.

Finally, the Kingsman is available in a better array of color options than the Lookiss. If you want to deviate from standard colors (think of the typical blacks and silvers) then the Kingsman provides some nice variations including blue and red. Coming in at just $19.99 it very much be worth spending that additional few dollars on the Kingsman. For more information on this wallet check out their Amazon page using the link below.


These are wallets that are near identical to the ridge even in price (some even in price). You might be wondering then why not just buy the Ridge Wallet? Some of these wallets similar to the Ridge Wallet do provide some distinct differences (apt small differences) including the likes of material and design variations. 


The Armor Supply Wallet is the biggest competitor to the Ridge in my opinion. That’s because the wallet is identical in design but also in price tag (coming in at between $65.00 – $85.00). It has a similar capacity for cash and cards while also providing the strength and durability provided by an all aerospace-grade aluminum body.

But that Armor Wallet does have its differences. Firstly, you can find a whole new range of color and design variations to choose from with the Armor Wallet. The Ridge does provide a great range also but Armor has some models that you couldn’t get with the Ridge including my personal favorite Brushed Brass variation. The Armor also has a lifetime ‘guaranteed’ warranty which means they’ll fix or replace your wallet in case of damage over time. 

As well as that, the Armor Wallet also comes with additional ‘free’ items at no purchase. This includes a Wallet Multi-tool (designed to fit in the wallet seamlessly) and a Keyholder style wallet. There’s no doubt these are a sort of gimmick to stay one step ahead of the Ridge but both items are great in quality and work well. For more information on the Armor Supply, or to read our full review, check out their official website using the link below.

the duxtio wallet

The Duxtio Wallet is probably my favorite example of a Ridge Knockoff. In my opinion, it’s the wallet that does the best job of matching the Ridge in all possible ways but undercuts the price by almost $40.00. The Duxio is made from an aerospace-grade Aluminum which is both light and durable. I found it also quite scratch resistant being a better option than some of the cheaper variants above. 

What I love about his wallet the most, compared to others, is the way it handles banknote storage. The Duxtio uses an elasticated band that fits around the outside of the wallet. It is strong, durable, and provides great elasticity to easily store many banknotes (folded of course) in an easy-to-access way. Finally, the wallet comes in a range of wonderful and eclectic color options including the likes of blue, red, green, and even a carbon fiber look-alike. 

Backed by Duxio’s lifetime warranty (that provides free replacements for defects) the Duxtio is a fine example of how you don’t need to pay through your teeth to get your hands on a Ridge Style wallet. And all this is available for a low price tag of just $29.99. For more information on the Duxtio discover their full range using the link below.

the bapup wallet

The Bapup Wallet is very much similar to the Ridge Wallet in every way down to its identical size, shape, and money clip. But at a price tag of only $29.99 compared to the Ridge’s $100. The only downside to the Bapup comes down to its quality. When comparing the two wallets I was clear instantly that the Ridge is better made with a better overall finish. This comes down to the type of materials used and its construction which simply wasn’t the best with the Bapup wallet. 

Where the Bapup Wallet differs is in its Traveler Edition – a version of the wallet that provides some pretty fancy functionality improvements and innovation. This provides the functionality to not only store cash and cards but also an array of smaller items including room for multiple SIM Cards and a SIM removal tool. I’m not sure who exactly would need this sort of storage but it’s an innovative take and nice to have.

Coming in at a price tag of $29.99 (for the standard Ridge Knockoff) and $49.99 (for the Traveler Edition) the range of wallets at Bapup provides a great take on the Ridge, but at a lesser quality (as to be expected). For more information on the Bapup wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

3. ridge wallet competitors

These are wallets that aren’t exactly the same as the Ridge but are formidable competitors in terms of design and material (metal wallets). If you’re a big fan of the Ridge Wallet it might be worth checking out some of these as they are all great wallets in their own right and you might find one you actually prefer. See our top picks below.

the minimo wallet

The Minimo Wallet is our affordable option for those looking for a metal wallet. The big difference here is the Minimo doesn’t really resemble the Ridge in design and provides an original take on this style of metal/minimalist wallet. Its functionality is also great for a wallet of its size (coming in at the size of a typical card) with a unique segmentation method for organizing your credit cards and providing easy access. This is achieved through a plate system that slides between your cards and creates an easy way to keep track of which cards are where within the stack. The Minimo has an ample storage capacity of up to 10 credit/debit cards with cash storage folded underneath the included rubber band that holds the wallet together. 

Minimo also put a lot of emphasis on customization with a large(ish) array of color variations to choose from including pink, green, and orange. They also allow you to customize the wallet further allowing you to choose between the individual color of each plate that makes up the wallet and the rubber band. It’s rare to find a wallet on the market with such a unique way to customization the wallet and this option is completely free when purchased from the Minimo website. 

At a price tag of $40.00, the Minimo is one of the cheapest Ridge wallet competitors on this list. It has a great array of cash/card storage, and more personalization options than the Ridge, and comes in at a significantly reduce price tag. For more information on the Minimo Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.

the dango m1 maverick wallet

The Dango M1 Maverick is the most unique wallet on this list and probably has the most contrast to the Ridge. It’s known as an EDC Wallet (that stands for Everyday Carry) that has additional ‘tactical’ features with included tools suited for people who have a more active or hands-on lifestyle. The design of the Maverick wallet is a combination of both aerospace aluminum and top grain leather combed together to create a sleek, high quality, and almost futuristic-looking wallet. 

In terms of the wallet’s features, the Maverick provides a range of unusual and distinct features for you to enjoy. While having a decent capacity for cash and cards (up to 8-10 cards and 10+ bills) the wallet also has an easy access area in the middle that allows you to seamlessly push your cards out with ease. The actual metal frame of the wallet also provides some distinct functionality in the inclusion of 4 Loop Holes in each corner to attach keys or even a lanyard to. Finally, the Maverick Wallet also comes with RFID Security. This means you can have confidence your credit/debit cards won’t be subject to contactless card fraud a rising issue in our technology-driven world. 

At a price tag starting at $99.00 the Maverick wallet is actually more expensive than the Dango but does provide more features and, in my opinion, a better carry experience. For more information on the M1 Maverick Wallet by Dango check out our full review, or visit their official website using the link below.

the secrid mini wallet

Known as a slide or pop-up wallet, The Secrid Mini Wallet is one of the original and most popular wallets in this type of market. For those who don’t know, a pop-up wallet is one that uses a metal system that automatically pushes up and provides access to your credit/debit cards at a push of a button. The cards slide out in a cascading way where each card is easily accessible. It truly is one of the best and most innovative ways to quickly access your cards at a moment’s notice.

Along with this pop-up system the Secrid Mini also provides a wonderfully crafted leather exterior, that wraps around the metal and provides even more additional functionality with more storage for cards and cash (capacity of up to 1-10 cards and around 5 banknotes). Finally, the Secrid is available in one of the largest arrays of customization options available. With over 80+ different designs to choose from (with a huge variety of colors and unique patterns), the Secrid is a wonderful choice for those who love to have a wallet personalized to their unique tastes. 

At a price tag of around $65.00, the Secrid Mini Wallet is a fantastic wallet that provides a wonderful carry experience. When compared to the Ridge Wallet, the Secrid is a great option for those who want greater functionality and aren’t afraid of buying a slightly larger, and thicker, wallet. For more information on the Secrid Mini Wallet check out our full review or visit their official website using the link below.